Idioms: good day -- good hands

good day hello, good morning, good afternoon "Good day, Mrs. Hardy." "How do you do, Mr. Lane."
good egg (See a good egg)
good for a loan willing to lend money, able to lend money Let's ask Mike for some money. He's usually good for a loan.
good-for-nothing not useful, useless I'll be glad when we sell that good-for-nothing truck.
good for you good work, 'at a boy, good on you When Dad saw my high marks, he said, "Good for you, Nick."
good going good work, 'at a girl, way to go Good going, Judy! You passed the exam!
good golly oh, gosh, wow Good golly, Miss Molly. You are the prettiest girl in the county!
good gravy oh, how surprising, gosh Good gravy! I've got BINGO! I won!
good grief what a shame, oh no, too bad Good grief! You're injured! Your hand is bleeding!
good hands skillful hands; ability to pass, catch, shoot; feather a pass He's not a fast runner, but he's got good hands.
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