Idioms: for the life of me -- four-letter words

for the life of me it is a mystery to me, why in the world For the life of me, I don't know why she stays with him.
force of habit from habit, because of a habit She still cooks enough food for five people. It's force of habit.
foregone conclusion (See a foregone conclusion)
forever and a day for a long time, for an eternity This treaty will last forever - forever and a day.
forget it do not continue, stop it, I do not want it, drop it I'm not interested in joining the club. Forget it.
forget your manners forget to be polite, forget to say please etc. When I reached in front of Mac, he said, "Forget your manners?"
fork over pay, pay up They said, "Fork over, man. Pay your share of the bill."
found money money found on the street, money saved by nature Wind power is like found money. I save what I paid for electricity.
found out discovered, caught If you cheat on the exam, you'll be found out. They'll see you.
four-letter words bad words, profanity: damn, hell, shit etc. [B] He gave a good speech, but he used a lot of four-letter words.
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