Idioms: pointed questions -- pony up

pointed questions questions that accuse, on the carpet, the third degree "Why did you take the files?" he asked. "Stop with the pointed questions!" I replied. "I didn't take the files!"
poke fun at laugh at, make fun of Would you poke fun at someone who can't speak Chinese?
poker face (See a poker face)
pokey jail, prison, behind bars, in the clink Don't mention pokey in your resume. You don't want to advertise your time in jail.
polish off/polish it off eat all of it, drink it all Somebody polished off the last few cookies. Who ate them?
political football a program or issue used by politicians to get votes, play political games A day-care program is a political football. Politicians use it to get the votes of parents with babies.
politically correct appropriate, not racist or sexist Advertise for a salesperson. Use the politically correct term.
polluted very drunk, loaded, plastered, wasted Every Friday night he goes to the bar and drinks till he's polluted.
pony tail tying the hair at the back leaving a tail of hair Stan pulled on Judy's pony tail as he walked past her desk.
pony up contribute, give some money, do your part Okay guys, it's time to pony up. Ten dollars will pay for a taxi into town.
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