Idioms: shit list [B] -- shitting bricks [B]

shit list [B] (See on the shit list)
shit myself [B] so surprised or scared that I shit in my pants When lightning struck the tree beside me, I nearly shit myself.
shit or get off the pot do it or move, dog in the manger He's holding the phone but he's not using it. I wish he'd shit or get off the pot!
shit or wind my watch surprised, shocked, confused, discombobulated When she announced that I was the father, I didn't know whether to shit or wind my watch! I don't even know the woman!
shit out of luck [B] have no more, none left for you There are no tickets left. We're shit out of luck.
shit through a goose (See like shit through a goose
shitface [B] ugly face Tom's bulldog is a real shitface, but Tom loves him.
shithead [B] stupid or foolish person, dipstick, jerk What a shithead! He put water in the gas tank!
shitload (See a shitload)
shitting bricks [B] very frightened, scared to death When my parachute didn't open, I was shitting bricks!
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