Idioms: in the bag -- in the drink

in the bag already won or decided, a sure thing Don't worry. The game is in the bag - we'll win easily.
in the ball park close, near the total My offer wasn't even in the ball park. He wanted $500, not $300.
in the black showing a profit, in a sound financial position After one year our company was in the black - showing a profit.
in the boonies out of town, out in the country Lan lives in the boonies - fifty kilometres from Calgary.
in the buff naked, nude At our house, we walk around in the buff. Nude is natural, eh.
in the clink in prison, in jail, behind bars If you get drunk you may be thrown in the clink overnight.
in the dark unaware, not informed I was in the dark about the trip to Ireland. No one told me.
in the doghouse having your friend or spouse angry at you I'm in the doghouse. I forgot her birthday and she's mad at me.
in the drink in the sewer, lost If you leave your ring on the sink it will soon be in the drink.
in the drink failing, bankrupt, up the creek In the drink - that's where I'd be without you. A total failure.
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