Idioms: wash out -- wasted

wash out become clean, clean up "Will this stain wash out?" "Yes, if you use bleach."
wash-out (See a wash-out)
wash your hands of it not be involved anymore, withdraw from a project If you don't believe in the union, wash your hands of it.
washed up ruined, unable to continue in business I can't believe Max is washed up. He was a successful businessman.
wasn't born yesterday wise from experience, been around Pat can survive in the workplace. She wasn't born yesterday.
WASP White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Don's a WASP and I'm a WASP, but we have different beliefs.
waste no time hurry to do it, do not delay After the meeting, I left. I wasted no time leaving that dirty city.
waste not, want not if you do not waste, you will not be needy Melinda's motto is Waste Not, Want Not. She's very efficient.
wasted drugged, natural high, stoned He acts weird when he's wasted. Drugs do strange things to him.
wasted badly injured, bruised, beat up Tom was wasted by the C-Train Gang. He's in the hospital.
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