Idioms: plump full -- point out

plump full very full, full to the top, chock full Johnny's glass was plump full - so full he spilled some milk.
pocket Hercules a small person with great strength In the 1970s a guy named Stan Jonathan played for the Boston Bruins. He was small but very tough - a pocket Hercules.
pocket of resistance (See a pocket of resistance)
pogey checks from employment insurance Some guys work all summer and collect pogey all winter.
point a finger at accuse, suggest that someone is guilty If you aren't guilty, fine. But don't point a finger at me!
point-blank range close range, only a few feet away The report stated that the gorilla was shot at point-blank range.
point is well taken opinion is true, statement is logical Your point about smoking is well taken. It is expensive.
point of no return (See the point of no return)
point of view opinion, what you think of it This is my point of view: Religion is a private matter.
point out tell, show, indicate The teacher pointed out that the word run has several meanings.
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