Idioms: make do -- make headway

make do use whatever you can find, substitute, jury-rig When our kids don't have toys, they make do with pots and pans.
make ends meet pay the bills, have enough to pay the expenses Although the Millers are poor, they make ends meet.
make every effort do everything possible, bend over backwards Our employees make every effort to please our customers.
make faces (See make a face)
make friends act in a friendly way, become a friend of Sally makes friends easily. People seem to like her.
make fun of tease, laugh at, poke fun at Ko is angry because you made fun of him. You teased him.
make good do as promised, follow through When I get paid, I'll make good my promise to buy you dinner.
make good time travel quickly, not be delayed, not lose time Driving to Saskatoon, we made good time. It took only five hours.
make hay while the sun shines work while the weather is good, work while we have time and helpers There's a demand for our product, and we have a large stock. Let's make hay while the sun shines!
make headway progress, get ahead With Freda's help, we made headway. We learned to write.
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