Idioms: do up -- doctor it/doctor it up

do up lace, tighten the laces Do up your skate laces, please. I will help you tie them.
do with would like, want I could do with a cold drink. I'm hot and thirsty.
do without manage without, not have, make do We did without meat all winter. We became vegetarians.
do you follow do you understand? do you see how it operates? Turn the key left to lock, right to unlock. Do you follow?
do you mind do you care? does it matter? Do you mind if I sit on your desk? Does it bother you?
do your own thing do it your own way, do what you feel, let it all hang out I like managers who let me do my own thing - who respect my way of doing things.
do your part do your share, do your job We did our part to help the food bank. We donated cereal.
do your utmost do as much as you can, do whatever you can Pat did his utmost to save her, but she fell into the pool.
do yourself proud do something that you are proud of You did yourself proud when you helped the refugees.
doctor it/doctor it up improve it, edit it, spin doctor, touch up, tweak I wrote the letter but Ted doctored it up - to make it look professional.
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