Idioms: the take -- the underground

the take the cash, the amount of money received The take from the New Year's dance was over $2000.
the talk of the town what everybody is talking about, a hot topic If a preacher has an affair with a hooker, it's the talk of the town.
the tender age of the young age of, still wet behind the ears He was the tender age of three when his mother died.
the third degree careful questioning, on the carpet If I'm late, I get the third degree. Mom asks me a lot of questions.
the tide turned there was a change, the turning point The tide turned when the baby began to nurse. He grew stronger.
the tip of the iceberg a small part of it, about one-tenth of it This invoice is only part of the debt - the tip of the iceberg.
the tricks of the trade skills of an occupation, learn the ropes I know the printing business. I'll show you the tricks of the trade.
the turn of the century the beginning of a new century: the year 2000 By the turn of the century we will know the aliens who visit earth.
the turning point the second or minute when things go better or worse, tip the scales When Tanya hit the ball over the fence - that was the turning point in the game.
the underground the hidden actions of those who fight a law or an enemy Some Canadians fought the GST through the underground.
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