Idioms: beg off -- behind the scenes

beg off ask to be excused from duty, get out of a task Some people volunteer to work and then they beg off.
beg to differ have a different opinion, disagree with When I stated the cause of the loss, he said, "I beg to differ."
beg your pardon excuse me, please do not be offended I beg your pardon, but I am using this phone booth.
beg your pardon what did you say? will you repeat what you said? Beg your pardon? Did you say you are Paul Newman?
beggars can't be choosers people who receive free things should not expect the best When they complained about the shabby coats, he said, "Beggars can't be choosers."
begs the question suggests this question, leaves this question unanswered "That's a fine idea," said the Head Mouse, "but it begs the question: Which one of us will put the bell on the cat?"
behind bars in jail, in prison, in the slammer Behind bars, she didn't have much of a social life.
behind the curve having lower than average test scores, having a low performance I was behind the curve when I wrote that test. I'll probably get a low grade.
the bell curve - a line graph of test scores
behind the eight ball in a difficult position, in a predicament, between the devil and... I'm behind the eight ball with the Tax Department. I deducted college tuition fees from my taxable income, but I didn't pay the fees!
behind the scenes out of sight, unnoticed, unsung hero This organization has many people who work behind the scenes helping us to succeed.
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