Idioms: on the brink -- on the fence

on the brink close, almost there, on the verge Their marriage is failing. They're on the brink of divorce.
on the bubble between the ones that pass and fail, may be included or excluded There are seven applicants. Two will be interviewed, three will not, and two are on the bubble.
on the button correct, accurate, dead on, spot on When Fern guessed my age, she was right on the button: 39.
on the carpet asked to explain a mistake, give me the third degree Tom's on the carpet because he lost company documents.
on the clock o'clock, at the time showing on the clock "Did you come to work on time, Michael?" "Yes, sir. At eight on the clock, sir."
on the cutting edge (See the cutting edge)
on the dot exactly on time, not early or late The concert started at 7:30 on the dot.
on the double quickly, now, move it Coach Keyser said, "Sutton, get over here - on the double!"
on the edge of your seat very interested in a movie, feeling suspense in a story The movie The Firm will have you on the edge of your seat.
on the fence (See sit the fence)
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