Idioms: poontang [B] -- pop your buttons

poontang [B] sex, intercourse, nookie Listen, guys, poontang should be measured in quality, not quantity.
poop excrement, droppings "Please take with you what your dog brought: We need no poop in the playground."
poor as a church mouse (See as poor as a church mouse)
poor house (See in the poorhouse)
pop a cap [B] shoot, murder, knock off He says he's going to pop a cap in the supervisor. We've got to stop him.
pop in visit without warning, drop in When I'm in your part of town I'll pop in for a visit, okay?
pop over visit for a few minutes, drop over Why don't you pop over and see our wedding pictures?
pop the question ask an important question, ask someone to marry you In the old days, a man would buy the ring and then pop the question.
pop up appear, occur, be visible The name M. Greig kept popping up in the company records.
pop your buttons feel very proud, be full of pride When you received the award, did you pop your buttons?
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