Idioms: play along -- play hardball

play along pretend to believe, go along with, let on Lisa played along with the joke on Mark. She didn't tell him.
play around have other mates, sleep around She knows he's playing around, but she won't confront him.
play catch-up try to score the number of goals the opponent has scored, catch up, too little too late They scored four goals in the first period, and we were playing catch-up for the rest of the game.
play dead pretend to be dead, lie down as if you are dead If a grizzly bear attacks you, play dead and it may go away.
play dirty play rough, break the rules, play hardball Even if his opponents cheat and lie, Pat won't play dirty.
play dumb act as if you do not know, play along Play dumb when she tells you I won. Pretend you don't know.
play fair play using rules, give everyone an equal chance A referee will help us to play fair, to play according to the rules.
play games deceive people, not be sincere, mind games He's been playing games with us. We can't believe what he says.
play hard to get pretend you do not care; you do not want him When Tom invites you to go on a date, you could play hard to get.
play hardball play tough, try to hurt the opponent, play dirty If the manager wants to play hardball, show him that you are tough.
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