Idioms: collecting dust -- come back to haunt you

collecting dust not used for a long time, idle, gathering dust "Where's the silver tray?" "On the shelf, collecting dust."
come [B] have an orgasm, ejaculate Some women fake an orgasm - they pretend to come, eh.
come across seem to be, appear to be You came across as being angry, not just disappointed.
come across discover, find I came across an antique basin in the attic. It was in a box.
come across give, pay, pay up They came across with $250 - half the money they owe us.
come across [B] consent to have sex, get laid, go all the way You kiss me as though you're going to come across, but then you say no.
come again what did you say? beg your pardon? When I asked Grandpa if he liked the soup, he said, "Come again?"
come alive become lively, cheer, applaud As the players skated onto the ice, the crowd came alive.
come around begin to co-operate, believe, come onside When he reads the report, he'll come around. He'll believe us.
come back to haunt you cause you to feel guilty or ashamed Lies will come back to haunt you, remind you of the past.
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