Idioms: booboo -- bootleg

booboo (See make a booboo)
boobs [B] breasts, tits Okay, she has lovely boobs. What about her personality?
boogie go, walk, drive Let's boogie on down to the store and rent a video.
book worm one who reads a lot, geek Sarah is quite a book worm. She loves to read history books.
booked/booked up no more space or rooms, no vacancy The Royal Hotel is booked up. Every room is reserved.
boom box portable radio, ghetto blaster We can have music at the beach if you bring your boom box.
boom or bust either large profits or large losses, rich or poor, feast or famine In the oil business, it's boom or bust. Some years it's worth more than gold; other years it isn't worth the cost of production!
boot it drive fast, highball it, pedal to the metal If you boot it, Betty won't ride with you. She hates going fast.
boot up start or switch on a computer Wait until I boot up the Mac. Then we can print your letter.
bootleg produced illegally, not authorized, software piracy If someone offers you bootleg software, don't accept it! You could be sued!
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