Idioms: neck -- nerves of steel

neck kiss and hug, make out, make whoopee For me, necking is a memory from my teenage years.
neck and neck running at the same speed, even-steven, side by side It was neck and neck all the way - then Jordy won the race by leaning forward at the finish line!
neck of the woods area, part of the country, in these parts In our neck of the woods, a man doesn't hit a woman.
necktie party (See a necktie party)
need money to make... (See you need money to make money)
needle ask bothersome questions, a hassle She needled him with questions about his former girlfriends.
needless to say it is obvious, it goes without saying Needless to say, there are many idioms in the English language.
neither fish nor fowl not clearly separated, a little of both Our experiment produced a being that was neither fish nor fowl.
nerd weird person, nut That nerd! He spit on my toe!
nerves of steel able to speak or act calmly when facing risk or danger Percy has nerves of steel. He persuaded the gunman to leave.
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