Idioms: old coot -- on a pedestal

old coot an old man, geezer That old coot, as you call him, is a person with feelings.
old flame a former lover, an old sweetheart In Toronto, I met an old flame. We were lovers many years ago.
old goat an old man, a cranky man Henry Wilson - that old goat - told the kids to get off his lawn.
old hat an old idea or fashion, passé Sunday picnics are old hat. They're not popular now.
old man (See my old man)
old money an inheritance, money that has been in the family for decades She bought that property with old money - money that her great-grandfather saved.
old wives' tale a myth, an old story that contains little truth One old wives' tale says that goose fat will cure a cold.
on a full stomach with a stomach full of food, soon after eating a meal, on an empty stomach I've heard that it's not a good idea to run or do strenuous exercise on a full stomach.
on a lark carefree, happy in a natural way It's fun to be with him when he's on a lark - when he's carefree.
on a pedestal in the position of a hero, in a high place If you put your girlfriend on a pedestal, she won't respect you.
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