Idioms: work cut out for -- work the room

work cut out for a lot of work to do, difficult tasks to do, a hard row to hoe If you want to be a chartered accountant, you have your work cut out for you.
work ethic belief that you must work; that work is good for you Do you believe that Canadians have a strong work ethic?
work it out solve it, try to agree My teacher and I disagree about my grade, but we can work it out.
work my buns off work hard every day, work your ass off [B] I work my buns off while he sits around and makes phone calls!
work my fingers to the bone work so hard that I become thin and weak I worked my fingers to the bone to help my kids get an education.
work of art beautiful painting or carving etc. Every rug she weaves is a work of art.
work off exercise to reduce stress or emotion or fat Cycling is a good way to work off stress.
work out succeed, go as planned, pan out Did the recipe work out? Did the cake taste good?
work out exercise to become fit or to prepare for competition, workout Come down to my exercise room. I'll show you where I work out.
work the room move around the room trying to meet people who can help you in your career or business, shmooze We watched Tony work the room - glass in hand, smiling and chatting with anybody who might become a client or an ally.
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