Idioms: get a bang out of -- get a laugh

get a bang out of enjoy, have fun, get a kick out of Ms. Lau gets a bang out of playing bingo. She loves bingo.
get a charge out of enjoy, is amused by Ming gets a charge out of Pam's memos. They're humorous.
get a fix use some drugs; a hit He'll shake until he gets a fix. He's addicted to heroin.
get a fix on calculate, determine, figure out We should get a fix on the office expenses - the total per month.
get a grip be realistic, be serious, get serious You expect to get A's without studying? Get a grip!
get a grip on yourself control yourself, do not be so emotional When he cried, she said, "Get a grip on yourself, Dear."
get a handle on understand, find out about We have to get a handle on the parking problem - get the facts.
get a hold of talk to, phone I tried to get a hold of Pierre when I was in Montreal.
get a kick out of get some enjoyment, laugh, get a bang out of I get a kick out of the way he skates. He's fun to watch.
get a laugh cause people to laugh Your jokes always get a laugh.
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