Idioms: showdown -- shut-in

showdown final fight or contest, rubber match Ali defeated Frazier in the boxing showdown of the '70s.
shrink/head shrink psychiatrist, therapist If I can't manage my personal life, I can always visit a shrink.
shrinking violet (See no shrinking violet)
shrug it off not let it affect you or bother you He was hurt by the remark, but he shrugged it off and kept working.
shuck on down to the fraidy hole go to the cellar for shelter from a cyclone or tornado, hide when you are afraid When my uncle saw the sky turn black in the afternoon, he would shuck on down to the fraidy hole.
shucks oh dear, well, heck Aw shucks, Beth Ann, you know I care a whole lot for you.
shuffle the chairs on the deck appear to change by moving things around, play musical chairs, Shuffling the chairs on the deck will not help a sinking ship!
shut down stop operating, quit Without electricity, the factory will have to shut down.
shut-down closure, end of operations Cold weather sometimes causes a shut-down of our schools.
shut-in someone who is ill and cannot go outside Our priest visits the shut-ins - people who must stay at home.
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