Idioms: fuck that noise [B] -- full of herself

fuck that noise [B] that is not a good idea, down with that plan "Let's return the TVs we stole." "Fuck that noise. Let's sell 'em."
fuck up [B] cause a mistake, make a booboo, screw up If you fuck up, don't worry - but learn from your mistakes.
fucked by the fickle finger of fate [B] feel that luck is against you; cheated by fate A flood ruined my business. I was fucked by the fickle finger of fate.
fuddle duddle* fiddlesticks, friggin, nuts, phooey I did not use the F-word. I said, "Oh, fuddle duddle!" (* This expression is attributed to former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau speaking in the Canadian House of Commons.)
fudge it create, fake it, make up If you can't remember a name, fudge it. Answer every question.
full as a tick very full, bloated, plump full Oh, I drank too much water! I'm full as a tick!
full blast as loud as possible, pull out all the stops When we got home, the kids had the stereo on full blast.
full blown all the symptoms, every sign It often takes years for the virus to develop into full-blown AIDS.
full Monty fully nude, completely naked, birthday suit, strip "Should I take off all my clothes?" "Yes, we want the full Monty!"
full of herself impressed with her own work, too proud of herself The actor was proud - too full of himself - during the interview.
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