Idioms: full of it [B] -- fun and games

full of it [B] full of lies, full of shit, full of BS You're full of it if you think I took that watch. I am not a thief.
full of piss and vinegar [B] lively, full of energy That little kid is full of piss and vinegar. He won't sit still.
full out as fast as you can go, flat out, full tilt He was skating full out, but he couldn't catch Messier.
full plate (See a full plate)
full steam ahead as much power as we have, full throttle I told the Captain about the ice, but he said, "Full steam ahead!"
full strength not weakened or diluted, straight up Did John Wayne drink bourbon full strength? Without water?
full throttle gas pedal to the floor, pedal to the metal He drove the Mercedes at full throttle on the freeway.
full tilt as fast as possible, flat out Were you going full tilt when you passed us - as fast as it would go?
full up full, no more room This bus is full up. We'll have to wait for the next one.
fun and games a good time, a lot of fun "How was the office party?" "Oh, fun and games!"
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