Idioms: make tracks -- make whoopee

make tracks hurry, move quickly, vamoose We better make tracks or we'll be late for dinner.
make trouble cause a fight, don't make waves Don't make trouble, eh. Don't start an argument or a fight.
make up create, imagine He likes to make up stories - you know, fiction.
make up be friends again, come together again John and Marsha fight, but they always kiss and make up.
make up for repay, compensate Please let me make up for my mistake. Let me help you.
make up your mind decide, choose If you will make up your mind, we can order our dinner.
make war fight with troops and planes and bombs To make war is to be greedy or insane - or both.
make waves (See don't make waves)
make way move off the path, move to the side, make room If the leader wants your seat in parliament, you make way for her. You give her your seat.
make whoopee kiss and hug, get it on, make love Tony and Victoria were making whoopee when we walked in.
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