Idioms: public property -- pull out all the stops

public property what everybody knows, public information If you tell Zora about the plan, it'll be public property.
puddlejumper small car, subcompact "Why did you buy that puddlejumper?" "Because it gets good gas mileage."
pull a face wrinkle your face, make a face Lyle is 14, but he's still a boy. He pulls a face when he's upset.
pull a few strings help by talking to powerful people, it's not what you know... My application was late, but a friend of mine pulled a few strings and got me an interview.
pull a muscle injure a muscle, strain a muscle, charley horse One of our best players pulled a muscle and can't play tonight.
pull for support, cheer for We were pulling for your team. We're glad you won.
pull in your horns not be so aggressive, stop attacking or criticizing Father's advice is to pull in your horns or you could be dismissed.
pull it off cause it to happen; succeed, win, snatch victory... With Jean as leader of the party, the Liberals can pull it off. They can win the election.
pull it out win just before the end; before it is too late The score was tied, but we pulled it out with a last-minute goal.
pull out all the stops work as hard as possible, go all-out, go for broke You're losing this match. If you want to win, you'll have to pull out all the stops.
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