Idioms: make a big to-do -- make a federal case of it

make a big to-do complain too much, make a federal case... If the waiter makes a mistake, don't make a big to-do about it.
make a booboo cause an error, make a mistake, screw up "I made a booboo." "Don't worry. We can fix it."
make a bundle earn a large profit, make a lot of money Manfred made a bundle selling real estate. He's rich.
make a clean breast of it tell all you know about it, admit what you did The man went to the police and made a clean breast of his crime.
make a clean sweep win all games in a series The Jets made a clean sweep of the series - won all four games.
make a comeback try to recover your former skill and success, comeback kid George Foreman made a comeback when he was over forty!
make a difference affect or change it, tip the scales Even a small donation will make a difference. It will help us.
make a face wrinkle your face until it is ugly Chad made a face at me and stuck out his tongue.
make a false move reach for the phone or a gun, try to run away "Make a false move and I'll shoot your buttons off," the boy said.
make a federal case of it make it too important, make a mountain... Okay, so I used your hair dryer! Don't make a federal case of it.
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