Idioms: phooey -- pick up

phooey oh no, darn it, nuts, rats, shucks Phooey! I hit my golf ball into the water again!
photo op photo opportunity, chance to have your photo taken Then Brian shook hands with students to create a photo op.
piano tied to your ass [B] something preventing you from moving If you want coffee, make some! There's no piano tied to your ass.
pick a fight start a fight, begin an argument If Jamie tries to pick a fight with you, just walk away.
pick holes in criticize, look for errors or faults, nitpick Grant won't show you his work because you pick holes in it.
pick-me-up (See a pick-me-up)
pick of the litter (See the pick of the litter
pick on criticize, tease, get on my case Why is everybody picking on me? I feel like a victim.
pick up learn, understand, catch on We pick up the street idioms faster than the grammar, eh.
pick up improve, increase If business doesn't pick up soon, we'll need another loan.
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