Idioms: fair-weather friend -- fall for

fair-weather friend a friend who leaves when I have problems, one who does not stand by me Simon is looking for a loyal friend, not a fair-weather friend.
fake it create the parts you forget, fudge it, make up If he forgets the words, he fakes it. He thinks of new words.
folderol (See a lot of folderol)
fall apart (at the seams) be unable to cope or manage, come unglued After his wife died, he fell apart. He lost interest in everything.
fall asleep begin to sleep, drop off Don't fall asleep while we're in church. It's embarrassing.
fall behind be unable to run as fast, drop behind You will fall behind in your work if you miss a week of school.
fall between the cracks (See fall through the cracks)
fall between two stools not clearly one type or the other, neither fish nor fowl This vehicle is part bike and part car. It falls between two stools.
fall flat on my face fail completely, embarrass myself, blow it, make a mistake If I tried to speak Polish, I would fall flat on my face! You would laugh at my poor Polish!
fall for begin to love, fall in love with When I was in Grade 8, I fell for Miss Kramer. She was beautiful.
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