Idioms: down under -- drag

down under Australia, New Zealand, etc. Next year I'm going down under for my holidays - New Zealand.
down with do not support, stop that plan, not "Down with the sales tax!" they shouted. "Down with the tax!"
downer (drug) (See a downer)
downer (sadness) (See a downer)
downhearted sad, unhappy, down "Are you downhearted, my dear?" "No. Just quiet, my love."
downplay say it is not important, soft pedal They tried to downplay the fact that smoking caused the fire.
downside (See the downside)
downtime time needed to repair a machine When you own a computer, you have to expect some downtime.
draft dodger a person who runs away from military service American draft dodgers came to Canada in the 1970s.
drag (See a drag)
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