Idioms: string a line -- stroke your ego

string a line create a story, make up a story He was stringing you a line. A dog wasn't driving the car.
string along pretend that you believe, go along with When Franz talks about shark fishing, I just string along.
string bean thin person, bean pole You string bean, Kenny! You're too skinny to hit the ball!
string of good luck a series of lucky events, lucky streak He isn't the best pitcher. He's just having a string of good luck this season.
strip remove all your clothes, full Monty, in the buff "I'd like to see you naked." "Okay. I'll strip if you will."
strip mall a row of stores with a small parking lot in front Does the Langdale strip mall have a video store?
stripped (See bare bones)
stroke of genius a very intelligent idea, a unique solution Using laser light for surgery - now that's a stroke of genius.
stroke of good luck a fortunate event, a lucky break, the fickle finger of fate Then, by some stroke of good luck, a car horn scared the lion and it ran away.
stroke your ego cause you to feel confident or proud Compliments are wonderful because they stroke your ego.
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