Idioms: bigmouth -- bit off

bigmouth someone who talks too loud, loud mouth Every crowd has a bigmouth - some guy who yells at the cops.
bilk cheat, defraud, ripped off, taken He bilked me. I gave him $100 for the tickets and he kept the change!
bimbo (See a bimbo)
binner a person who scavenges in garbage bins, Dumpster diving Some binners work in pairs. One guy climbs into the bin and hands the stuff to his partner waiting outside.
birdbrain a person with a tiny brain, dumbo Hey, birdbrain. Why are you throwing money in the river?
birder a bird watcher, one whose hobby is watching birds Some birders were looking at an oriole in a poplar tree.
birds of a feather flock together people with similar feelings and attitudes Art and Don are birds of a feather. They like cars and football.
birthday suit naked, nude, in the buff "Do you wear pajamas in bed?" "No. Just my birthday suit."
bit by bit doing a small amount each time, little by little Bit by bit, they rebuilt a church that was destroyed by bombs.
bit off (See a bit off)
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