Idioms: onto something -- open to criticism

onto something found some important information Nick looks very confident. I think he's onto something.
onto us knows that we are doing bad things, wise to us The doorman is onto us. He knows we didn't buy a ticket.
oodles lots, more than we need, scads "Do we have enough salad?" "Yes. Oodles!"
open a can of worms (See can of worms)
open a window find a new way of looking at a topic or problem That idea opens a window on the causes of war. What do you see?
open and shut easy to judge, not complex If either spouse admits adultery, divorce is an open and shut case.
open mind (See keep an open mind)
open season legal to hunt or kill at this time Nancy said there should be an open season on sex offenders.
open some doors provide opportunities, help someone succeed I'm hoping my college diploma will open some doors.
open to criticism in a position that can be criticized, vulnerable If you become a politician you will be open to criticism.
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