Idioms: play on my heart strings -- play the ponies

play on my heart strings cause me to feel emotional, make me feel sentimental The movie Hey Jude will play on your heart strings. It will make you cry.
play on words (See a play on words)
play out become tired or exhausted, become winded After two sets of tennis, Ling said, "I'm played out!"
play out happen, conclude, pan out, work out, Nina used to work for Ed. Now Ed works for Nina. I want to see how this plays out.
play second fiddle accept a lower position, take a back seat Kirk won't play second fiddle to her. He wants to be the boss.
play the field date many people, go out with various men/women After a long relationship with Sue, he began to play the field.
play the fool pretend you are a fool, act simple or foolish If you play the fool, people will often tell you secrets.
play the ham act for an audience, ham it up After a couple of drinks, he likes to play the ham - to be a clown.
play the heavy be the strong man or tough guy In our gang, Don plays the heavy. He talks and acts tough.
play the ponies bet on horses at the race track He's lost a lot of money playing the ponies. He bets on every race.
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