Idioms: crack this case -- crank out

crack this case solve a crime, discover who is guilty David will crack this case; he's a thorough investigator.
crack under the strain become irrational or hysterical due to strain, around the bend Mother was a strong person. She never cracked under the strain of raising ten children.
cracked crazy, nuts, wacko He must be cracked. He mailed a letter to himself.
crackers crazy, bonkers, nuts Don't worry about me. I've been crackers all my life.
crackpot a person who is strange or weird, wacko Some crackpot wrote a letter to him threatening his family.
crackup collision, crash Drinking and driving causes a lot of crackups.
cramp your style cause problems for you, cause stress for you If we can't buy a Corvette, will it cramp your style?
crank issue a topic that causes anger, can of worms The Premier raised a crank issue and then went on holidays.
crank it up turn up the volume, louder please Hey, Karen, crank up the radio. That's a great song.
crank out make, write, manufacture Can you crank out a few jokes for our school newspaper?
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