Idioms: kaput -- keep an eye open

kaput broken, ruined We have a car, but it won't go. The motor is kaput.
keep a lid on it not tell others, keep it quiet The judges know who won, but they have to keep a lid on it.
keep a low profile not go out much, lay low He plans to keep a low profile until the trial is over.
keep a promise do what you promise to do You can depend on Vern to keep a promise. He's reliable.
keep a secret not tell anyone, keep it to yourself Children can keep a secret better than adults.
keep a stiff upper lip do not cry, do not be afraid When Arthur left Tag, Dad said, "Keep a stiff upper lip, Dear."
keep a straight face not smile or laugh, have a a poker face When you said I was your uncle, I couldn't keep a straight face.
keep an even keel be steady, be calm and sensible Customer Service needs people who can keep an even keel.
keep an eye on watch to prevent harm, watch out for Fred, will you keep an eye on the children? I'm going to the store.
keep an eye open (See keep an eye out)
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