Idioms: world is your oyster -- worth their weight in gold

world is your oyster (See the world is your oyster)
World Wide Web (www) a network of computers in all parts of the world, Internet Some people use the Web to find information; others use it to find friends.
worldly wise knowing how to survive, having street smarts You've lived on the streets of LA. You're worldly wise. You're hip.
worlds apart not close to agreement, very different Israel and Palestine are neighbors but they're worlds apart.
worn out (See wear out)
worn out very tired, bushed Whew! I'm worn out from all that walking! How far did we walk?
worried sick very worried, extremely anxious Velma is worried sick about her son. He's using cocaine.
worse for wear (See none the worse for wear)
worship the ground she walks on love her very, very much; crawl on my hands..., mad about her "Does Anthony love Cleopatra?" "He adores her. He worships the ground she walks on!"
worth their weight in gold worth a lot, invaluable, priceless Our volunteers are worth their weight in gold. They help us in ways that money can't buy!
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