Idioms: cream of the crop -- cross paths

cream of the crop best of the group, the finest ones Only the cream of the crop will be invited to the interviews.
cream you hit you, knock you down, knock you flat If Jon discovers you lied to him, he'll cream you. He'll hit you.
creep strange person, pervert, weirdo What a creep! He looks like a stray dog!
crock (See that's a crock)
crocodile tears false tears, phony sadness Her crocodile tears don't fool me. She just wants sympathy.
crop up happen, occur, come up I'm planning to go to Montreal unless something crops up - like an airline strike.
cross my heart and hope to die promise sincerely, honestly, under oath I'll pay you back on Friday, cross my heart and hope to die.
cross over Jordan die, buy the farm, pass away Before dad crossed over, he told us to care for our mother.
cross over to the other side die, kick the bucket, pass away Some people cross over to the other side - and return!
cross paths meet, encounter We'll cross paths again, I'm sure. Until then, good luck.
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