Idioms: settle in -- shagging wagon

settle in become comfortable in a new house or apartment We'd like to get settled in before we have visitors.
settle it decide what is fair, work for an agreement If the dispute is about property lines, a survey will settle it.
seven come eleven 7 followed by 11 are lucky numbers "Seven come eleven," he whispered as he threw the dice.
shabby worn, torn, ragged, lousy, mousy I love these shabby old slippers. They're ragged but comfortable.
shack up [B] live together before you get married, live common-law "Tarzan and Jane are shacked up." "Oh, I hope they're happy."
shades sunglasses, tinted glasses Erica looks cool in her shades. She looks like a model.
shades of like, similar to That building looks familiar - shades of our old school.
shady deal unfair business deal, a rip-off Cal is a good salesman, but he's put together some shady deals.
shaft cheat, swindle, screw (see get screwed)[B] Tom got shafted. He only got 3% commission on his sales.
shagging wagon a van designed for relaxing and having sex Tony's van has a bar and a bed. It's his shaggin' wagon.
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