Idioms: break away -- break out in a rash

break away move away, go away from, stop doing or using She tried to break away when the cult leader asked for her savings.
break curfew stay out later than the rules allow If you break curfew, the coach will remind you of the rules.
break down fail, not operate, out of order If that copier breaks down again I'm going to give it away.
break in operate or drive slowly when it is new When I bought my first new car, Dad said to break it in carefully.
break into break a door or window to enter, break and enter I couldn't believe that my son would break into a store.
break into song begin to sing suddenly, sing without warning One of our teachers used to break into song when he taught poetry.
break off tell a friend that you wish to stop seeing him She wonders if she should break off her relationship with Liam.
break out escape, get away, bust out He was shot trying to break out of prison - trying to escape.
break out happen suddenly, erupt A riot will break out if you don't talk to the strikers.
break out in a rash have a rash appear on your skin When the temperature goes over 30° the baby breaks out in a rash.
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