Idioms: say your piece -- scared to death

say your piece state your opinion, tell us what you think OK, Vic, say your piece. Then we can vote on this offer.
scads lots, many, oodles "Are there any cookies left?" "Yes, scads of them."
scandal is brewing an evil story is being told, there are rumors of a scandal A scandal is brewing in the Pacific Ocean. A whale and a shark are living together without a marriage license!
scarce as hen's teeth not many of them, few or none Rural doctors are scarce as hen's teeth. Doctors like the city life.
scare the life out of me frighten me a lot, scare me badly, scared out of my wits My son jumped out of the closet and shouted boo! He nearly scared the life out of me.
scared out of my wits so scared I couldn't think, scared spitless When I heard a low moan coming from the bathroom I was scared out of my wits.
scared shitless [B] very frightened, scared, petrified, scared spitless When I woke up and saw a figure standing beside my bed, I was scared shitless.
scared spitless very frightened, scared stiff Believe me. I was scared spitless when the wolves started to howl.
scared stiff very frightened, frightened to death, petrified "Are you afraid of heights?" "Yes. I'm scared stiff of anything higher than a bicycle seat."
scared to death very scared, very anxious, scared stiff I was scared to death that your plane had crashed. I was worried.
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