Idioms: buckstop (military) -- bull/bullshit/BS [B]

buckstop (military) brass marker placed on the wardroom table in a warship When Ken wants to be served he sits nearest the buckstop.
budding genius (See a budding genius)
buffalo frighten, bluff, intimidate The director shouts a lot, but don't let him buffalo you.
bug (someone) bother, irritate, get to me That scraping noise bugs me. It's quite annoying.
bugger all [B] nothing, diddly-squat, fuck all "Hey Giulio, what did you win?" "Bugger all -nothing!"
build a better mousetrap improve a common product If you're not an inventor, you try to build a better mousetrap.
build up increase, raise Talking with Rudy will build up your confidence. He's positive.
built like a brick shithouse [B] have a strong body, have a sturdy build Tyronne plays football. He's built like a brick shithouse.
bull in a china shop (See a bull in a china shop)
bull/bullshit/BS [B] a story that is not all true, balderdash His explanation is a lot of bull. Don't believe it.
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