Idioms: like nobody's business -- lip

like nobody's business a lot, busily, like crazy The squirrel was eating nuts - chewing like nobody's business.
like shit through a goose moving easily, smoothly, easy as pie "How do you get the bark off the aspen branch to make the whistle?" "After making the cuts, just tap the bark and the wood will come out like shit through a goose!"
like the devil quickly, too fast to see, like hell The disease spread like the devil. Soon his whole leg was swollen.
like the wind fast and smooth, like the devil You can't catch that deer. It can run like the wind.
lily-livered cowardly, chicken, wimpy Bull riding is not a sport for lily-livered folks. It's not for wimps.
line of authority people in order of power, chain of command The line of authority goes from our manager up to the president.
line up form a line of people, form a queue College students have to line up to buy their text books.
lingo (See learn the lingo)
lion's share (See the lion's share)
lip rudeness, cheek No more of your lip, boy. I won't allow you to be rude.
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