Idioms: chow -- claim to fame

chow food, something to eat I'm starved. Let's get some chow.
chow down eat, have a meal I'm hungry. Let's chow down before we go to the movie.
Christmas graduate a student who leaves college at Christmas Among the Christmas graduates last year was Gerard Kutz.
chromedome bald person, silkhead Chromedomes can tell you the advantages of being bald.
chuck it put it in the garbage, junk it We used to say chuck it, but now we say recycle it.
chunk of change (Seea chunk of change)
ciao goodbye, see you later Ciao, Tony. See you in Rome.
circles around you much better than you, no contest Why do you play cards with her? She can play circles around you.
circular file garbage can or wastebasket, file 13 A lot of memos go in the circular file. They're garbage.
claim to fame what you have done to cause you to be famous Besides passing math, what's your claim to fame?
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