Idioms: salty -- save your bacon

salty of the sea, accustomed to the ocean, like a sailor Peter is a salty old bugger. The ocean is in his blood.
same here I feel the same way, I have the same feeling "I like reading stories." "Same here."
same to you I wish the same to you, ditto "I hope you have ugly children!" "Same to you!"
Saskatchewan pheasant magpie, black and white bird Two Saskatchewan pheasants flew out of the bush.
Sasquatch a large ape-man living in the forests of Western Canada; Bigfoot A man who was hunting moose in Northern Saskatchewan says that Sasquatch visited him. They sat around the campfire drinking coffee.
sassy rude, impolite, cheeky, lippy "I won't go to church!" he said. "Don't be sassy!" Mama said.
save a bundle save a lot of money, save big time If you buy a new car through a broker, you can save a bundle.
save face prevent embarrassment, prevent more shame To save face, the accused member should resign. It's embarrassing.
save for a rainy day save money for a time when you really need it Ed and Vi spend little money. They're saving for a rainy day.
save your bacon save you from failure or disaster, save your skin If the boat sinks, a life raft may save your bacon.
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