Idioms: check out -- checkup

check out find out about, see if it is okay Let's check out that Subaru we saw at Chong's Used Cars.
check-out the counter where you pay for your purchases The shoppers were lined up at the Canadian Tire check-out.
check over look for errors in a paper, see if there are mistakes I've written a letter of application. Will you check it over for me?
check that look at that, get a load of that When Rick saw the sports car, he said, "Check that!"
check this out look at this, eyeball this, peep this Hey! Check this out! Carly's got a boyfriend!
check up on see if everything is fine or safe He went to check up on the kids because they were crying.
check up on supervise, watch to see if it is done correctly They don't like a manager who is always checking up on them.
check your bags give your luggage to the ticket agent I would like to check my bags. Will you put them on the plane?
checkered career career with failures, history of good and bad His checkered career may ruin his chance of being elected.
checkup doctor's examination, medical examination If you aren't feeling well, go to the doctor for a checkup.
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