Idioms: sicker than a dog -- silkhead

sicker than a dog very, very sick; as sick as a parrot He wants to go and play hockey, and he's sicker 'n a dog!
sicko weird person, pervert, psycho, scumbag "Who would pour ketchup all over my car?" "Oh, some sicko, I guess."
side by side standing/walking beside, shoulder to shoulder The children were standing side by side on the stairs.
sight for sore eyes (See a sight for sore eyes)
sign in sign your name to show you are in the building Be sure to sign in. We want to know that you are safe inside.
sign off say goodbye, close, stop writing or talking "I'll sign off now, but I'll write again soon. With love, Kim."
sign out sign your name to borrow something, on loan If you want to sign out a book you will need a library card.
sign up sign the list, enrol, enlist "Did you sign up for lessons?" "Yes. My name is on the list."
silence is golden silence is wonderful, silence is peaceful After a day of teaching grade two students, silence is golden.
silkhead bald person, chromedome If you were a silkhead, would you wear a toupee?
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