Idioms: chestnut -- chicken on a June bug

chestnut old favorite song, well-known story Moira played the piano, and we sang old songs - old chestnuts.
chew him out lecture him, scold him, give him hell (see give you hell) [B] My sister chewed me out for taking her car. She gave me hell.
chew the fat/ chew the rag talk, visit, have a chin wag I'll go and get the wine while you two relax and chew the fat.
chick girl, woman We were waiting for the bus, and this chick says, "Hi, boys."
chick flick film for women, movie about a woman or women Steel Magnolias is a chick flick about life in the southern US.
chicken afraid, scared, yellow When it comes to heights, I'm chicken. I'm scared.
chicken a coward, a person who is not brave, wimp I'm not a fighter, but I'm not a chicken. I just don't believe in violence.
chicken feed small amount of money, a paltry sum, peanuts Don't worry about a few dollars for books. It's chicken feed.
chicken in every pot (See a chicken in every pot)
chicken on a June bug (See like a chicken on a June bug)
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