Idioms: threads -- throw a curve

threads clothes, glad rags, rags Hey, Lucy. Nice threads! I love your jacket.
three-bagger (See a three-bagger)
three sheets to the wind very drunk, plastered, pissed to the gills The Captain was three sheets to the wind - staggering.
three slices short (of a full loaf) mentally disabled, one brick short... If you order worm soup, they'll think you're three slices short.
through the grapevine through gossip, bush telegraph "How did you know I moved?" "I heard it through the grapevine."
through the mill used a lot, nearly worn out, put you through the mill These jeans have been through the mill. They're ragged.
through the roof (See go through the roof)
through the wringer experienced a lot of personal problems Hey, I'm tough. I've been through the wringer a few times.
through thick and thin during good and bad times, for better or worse My dog Pal stays with me through thick and thin. He's a true friend.
throw a curve confuse, deceive, surprise Dad threw a curve at me when he asked if he could borrow $1000.
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