Idioms: go tell your mother she wants you -- go to hell [B]

go tell your mother she wants you go away, you're not welcome here, get lost Mikey, you always cry when you don't win. Please go home - go tell your mother she wants you!
go the distance finish the race, complete the course If Mat begins a project, he'll go the distance - he'll complete it.
go the extra mile work longer or harder than expected, give 110% If you are willing to go the extra mile, you can be the top student.
go the way of the dodo become extinct like the dodo bird, die off If we don't protect our language, it will go the way of the dodo.
go through say, read, run through Could you go through the steps one more time, please.
go through the roof become very angry, blow your stack Mr. Tse will go through the roof when he sees all these mistakes.
go to any trouble work to make us welcome, put yourself out Please don't go to any trouble for us. Don't change your plans.
go to bat for help someone by talking to managers or authorities, put in a good word for Uncle Bob works for the City. If your tax bill is too high, maybe he'll go to bat for you.
go to great lengths/ go to any lengths do whatever is necessary, never give up Cynthia will go to any lengths to find a dress designed by Voz.
go to hell [B] leave, go, drop dead, take off When I asked him to move his car, he told me to go to hell.
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