Idioms: burn up -- business as usual

burn up become angry, lose your cool The coach was burned up when I got a penalty for holding.
burn your ass [B] bother you, irritate you, bug you You know what burns my ass? Doing my income tax.
burn your bridges resign without notice, leave no way to return He can't return to the company. He's burned his bridges.
burned convicted or punished while involved in crime Tony got burned when he was a drug dealer. He went to jail.
burning question (See the burning question)
bury the hatchet stop arguing or fighting, throw down your arms When will the English and the French bury the hatchet?
bush telegraph street gossip, through the grapevine Arne gets the news through the bush telegraph. People tell him.
bushed very tired, worn out After caring for five kids all day, Mom's bushed. She's exhausted.
bushwhack stop you and rob you, jump, mugged When he stopped to camp by the stream, two guys bushwhacked him - stole his money and horse.
business as usual everything is normal, nothing has changed The morning after the holdup, it was business as usual at the bank.
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